STAPO mechanizace s.r.o. (Ltd.)

Company STAPO mechanizace s.r.o. (Ltd). a successor form of the joint stock company STAPO Prague Inc., founded on 23 March 1991. The company is based in premises with an area of 61500 m2 in the cadastral area of Reporyje, a current thirteenth Prague district. The complex consists of the company facilities. he company STAPO mechanizace s.r.o. specializes in the rental of cranes,  construction machinery, special machines for concrete pumping and sewer cleaning and trucking.

We offer the widest range of construction machinery in Prague. Our main company mission is to provide high quality services in the field of construction equipment with operators.

Caterpillar excavators have been in use for a long time for railway corridors, road tunnels, residential buildings demolition and bridge elements.

Wheeled excavators are used when building and reconstructing utilities, at the beginning of houses and apartment buildings construction. They are used when constructing and repairing parking lots, roads, highways, but also sidewalks, levees and drainage.

Mobile cranes participate in the assembly of iron and reinforced concrete buildings, glazing of modern buildings, home insulation, fixing air conditioning units, stairways, tanks and swimming pools establishing, garages, public lighting lamps, billboards and many other objects surrounding us.

Concrete pumps are used when constructing of office buildings, mainly in Prague but also at distant sites.

Wagons with superstructure for pipe cleaning with pressurized water at regular cycles to ensure smooth running of drainpipes in industry, warehouse and hospital sites with CCTV monitoring. Removal of liquid waste from grease traps, including their cleanup.

The backbone of the company is a roup of workers, whose number is flexibly adjusted depending on orders. Larger tasks are handled by cooperating with carefully chosen subcontractors. Currently, the company has stable and reliable partners in most branches.

The company Stapo Praha expanded to the Slovak Republic, in 2006 and established its office in Pezinok and later establishment its business in Zilina. Its geographical location enables the company to extend its business activity to Austria, Hungary and Poland. The Slovak branch has contributed substantially to the construction of the D1 highway bridges near Levoca lately; and it also participates in the assembly within investment units for power plants Bohunice and Mochovce (see gallery history).